Our Story

As  Mario De Luca came walking off the 747 that flew him back to his mother land, he left behind more than the memories of the beautiful city of Rome where he studied Fashion Design for three years. He left an experience which he never thought would be relived in his life once he left the wonderful country of Italy. He had experienced three long years of training to be the best fashion designer that Canada had seen in years, but the turn in his life 30 years later that he was to take came as a surprise to his family and friends.

He was no longer sketching dresses for known Canadian Celebrities, but rather was formulating first in his mind then recording on paper, recipes of foods that he consumed while he lived in Rome. Missing his mother’s home cooked meals, he took some of the entrees that local restaurants used to serve him and then gave them his own personal twist.

Mario never thought that one day he would be the proud President of a company that now produces exquisite Italian Gourmet frozen entrees. Each recipe has been personally sampled by Mario and his culinary team. Once the decision is unanimous and the product is fit to bare the De Luca name, then it is added to the line.

We will never know what would have become of Mario’s designer profession, but we are certain of one thing. Mario De Luca has put into his food the same soul and passion that he worked into his designs many years ago. It is for this reason that we can proudly say, “he brought back to his country a piece of Italy”.