Rockland Variety is Full Steam Ahead

Since September 05, when Dal at Rockland Variety took the decision to become a full fledged Authorized De Luca Fine Foods Distributor, he has stuck to his promise. The De Luca line at Rockland has become a major presence amongst what used to be a large Variety Store filled with all kinds of items; from cold beverages, to cigarettes and lotto tickets. 

Dal has seen a rise in De Luca product sales, and decided that the way of the future is to jump on board in the early stages of De Luca's expansion year. He is a hard working man and will do very well with the De Luca line. There has been discussion of a possible De Luca Store within his Variety store giving it the look of a true De Luca presence. Freezers filled with the entire food line, giving De Luca clients a full selection to chose from. 

We at De Luca are very proud of our new Associate and will continue to work together with Dal and his team to expand our presence in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Club Azzurri is just around the corner from Rockland and it's members visit Dal on a regular basis. Given the fact that Dal speaks Italian fluently, it makes shopping at his store much easier for the Azzurri Club members. Now, they will be able to stop by Rockland and grab a Lasagna or a Pasta Fagioli soup on their way home.

We urge all of our out of city clients to stop by and say hello to Dal. He will be more than happy to show you around and tell you how proud he is to be associated with De Luca Fine Foods.

De Luca Fine Foods offers some good old Port Colborne Hospitality

Today, De Luca Fine Foods played host to a family that is visiting relatives in Port Colborne, from Venezuela. The Schettino Goncalves family originates from Venezuela but their origins go back to Italy.

It was an immense pleasure to have them dine with us today and allow them to try some of the delicious Italian foods that reminded them of back home. They savoured everthing that the chefs put together for them and ended it all with some real espresso coffee. That is one thing that foreigners find different here in Canada. Back home, when coffee is offered it is in a demi tasse and a single shot most of the time. They are not used to the small, medium, large and extra-large portions served by some of the local coffee establishments.

They told us that our hospitality touched them deeply and that if we should ever visit Venezuela, they would appreciate the opportunity to repay us with their hospitality. Who knows, it could be time to go on a vacation. Lol.

A lot can change in two years

The man responsible for taking the picture that has circulated the world, (seated centre) and created the Logo for De Luca Fine Foods returns to Canada for the third time. 

My cousin and one of De Luca's biggest fans comes back to Canada to see what progress has been made since he has been here last. He will find many changes that occurred in the last several years as De Luca Fine Foods has aggressively expanded since his last visit.

We are all very happy to have him here once again.

Ti aspetiamo  con anzia Cristiano!

De Luca Fine Foods arrives in Hamilton

Rockland Variety becomes an official De Luca Fine Foods Distributor for the Hamilton and surrounding area as of September 05, 2015.

Almost seven years ago, De Luca Fine Foods opened a retail store in Hamilton, ON but under the name of Warehouse Foods. The location only remained opened for approximately six months due to a shortage of parking space in the plaza. A Corporate decision was made and the store was closed. A variety store in the same plaza took on some of our products to retail since a small clientele had been created during our stay in the city. Since the name in Hamilton was not well established, the owner of Rockland Variety decided to carry a limited selection of the De Luca Line and see how it would go. For the last seven years, Rockland Variety slowly created a customer base for the product in the Hamilton, Ancaster, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Oakville and Toronto GTA area. Due to a lack of freezer space, Rockland was not able to carry most of the De Luca line and that limited the sales growth of our product to our customer in the area. A double door freezer was placed in the store and now the full line is available to De Luca customers

Rockland Variety is located at the corner of Rymal Road, East and Rockland Avenue in Hamilton on the mountain. They are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm seven days a week. The store is owned and operated by Dal and his wife Bal. They are very knowledgeable in the product line and will offer the same service that made De Luca Fine Foods a household name in many parts of Ontario. We welcome Rockland Variety to our team of distributors.


Frozen doesn't have to be ordinary. 

Our new slogan says it all. Frozen really doesn't have to be ordinary. Great food starts with great ingredients. At De Luca Fine Foods we have made it our mission to always source the highest quality ingredients, meats and produce available. It is through the integration of these ingredients that our products come to life. Even though ultimately our food is destined to become frozen, it is not frozen food. That may be a bit confusing,   but the truth is our food is closer in quality to a meal at an expensive Italian restaurant then it is freezer food at your local grocer. 

The De Luca Difference

Traditional or you could say non traditional since large frozen food producers are anything but traditional. These companies focus on producing frozen food as cheaply and quickly as possible to maximize making profits for their company. You could almost say they are in the profit business and not the food business at all. At De Luca we take a different approach. We are more in the passion business and we just happen to make handmade food with that passion at a reasonable price to feed your growing family. Thats right handmade Instead of buying automation machines that stamp out food, we train people how to produce our products using nothing but their hands the way food is supposed to be made. We make the food your nonna made, using the same techniques she did to feed you and your family.