Frozen doesn't have to be ordinary. 

Our new slogan says it all. Frozen really doesn't have to be ordinary. Great food starts with great ingredients. At De Luca Fine Foods we have made it our mission to always source the highest quality ingredients, meats and produce available. It is through the integration of these ingredients that our products come to life. Even though ultimately our food is destined to become frozen, it is not frozen food. That may be a bit confusing,   but the truth is our food is closer in quality to a meal at an expensive Italian restaurant then it is freezer food at your local grocer. 

The De Luca Difference

Traditional or you could say non traditional since large frozen food producers are anything but traditional. These companies focus on producing frozen food as cheaply and quickly as possible to maximize making profits for their company. You could almost say they are in the profit business and not the food business at all. At De Luca we take a different approach. We are more in the passion business and we just happen to make handmade food with that passion at a reasonable price to feed your growing family. Thats right handmade Instead of buying automation machines that stamp out food, we train people how to produce our products using nothing but their hands the way food is supposed to be made. We make the food your nonna made, using the same techniques she did to feed you and your family.