Out for Delivery!

Almost twelve years ago, the idea of producing gourmet Italian entrees for people to purchase, heat in the oven and then serve to their families was simply a dream of Mario De Luca. Today it has become more than a reality but a way of life for those who shop at his establishment.

The clientele has grown province wide and beyond to even some areas in the US. People have been making the weekly journey to Port Colborne to purchase an assortment of delightful creations that begin in the kitchen and end up on display in freezers at the De Luca Fine Foods retail store on Prosperity.

Due to the successful growth of the company, there has been a constant discussion on how to make the product more readily available to existing and potentially new customers. In essence, how would the future growth of the company be developed so that De Luca could become a household name. The answer was evident; take the product to the people. Make service the primary mandate.

Many years ago, the milkman used to religiously deliver his product to your doorstep. You did not need to leave your household to go shopping for his product, but rather he brought it to you on a regular basis. We at De Luca Fine Foods have decided to bring back this concept but in a more modern environment. You access our web page from your home, you place your order online and on a specified delivery date your De Luca Fine Foods product is delivered to your doorstep in a newly acquired Refrigerated vehicle.

E-commerce is upon us and here to stay. Millions of products are shipped daily from warehouses throughout North America to your doorstep.  De Luca Fine Foods has now made purchasing their products much easier so that more people can enjoy the delightful foods that we produce.