Rockland Variety is Full Steam Ahead

Since September 05, when Dal at Rockland Variety took the decision to become a full fledged Authorized De Luca Fine Foods Distributor, he has stuck to his promise. The De Luca line at Rockland has become a major presence amongst what used to be a large Variety Store filled with all kinds of items; from cold beverages, to cigarettes and lotto tickets. 

Dal has seen a rise in De Luca product sales, and decided that the way of the future is to jump on board in the early stages of De Luca's expansion year. He is a hard working man and will do very well with the De Luca line. There has been discussion of a possible De Luca Store within his Variety store giving it the look of a true De Luca presence. Freezers filled with the entire food line, giving De Luca clients a full selection to chose from. 

We at De Luca are very proud of our new Associate and will continue to work together with Dal and his team to expand our presence in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Club Azzurri is just around the corner from Rockland and it's members visit Dal on a regular basis. Given the fact that Dal speaks Italian fluently, it makes shopping at his store much easier for the Azzurri Club members. Now, they will be able to stop by Rockland and grab a Lasagna or a Pasta Fagioli soup on their way home.

We urge all of our out of city clients to stop by and say hello to Dal. He will be more than happy to show you around and tell you how proud he is to be associated with De Luca Fine Foods.