A Legend's Pizza Returns

The man who was once a Pizza Legend in our City is being honored by De Luca Fine Foods which has begun making a Pizza so similar to the once called "Joey's" that Joey himself would have a hard time telling it apart. The visual similarities coupled with that mild semi sweet sauce that he used to top his pizzas makes this "Tribute Pizza" an exact replica of many years ago.

People have missed eating those 16" pies that were stacked in columns on the pizza ovens when you went inside to pick up your order. The overall smell that fills the room is so much like those Friday nights when everyone craved a Joey's Pie and went to his Main Street location. As you stood in line patiently to finally reach the counter, you couldn't help but salivate a little thinking of getting home and sharing this work of art with your family or friends.

We hope that we can re-create that special time in all of our lives when eating a simple product like a pizza could make us very happy. Bringing back those special memories that sharing a Joey's treasure with our family is what we hope hope to accomplish with our "Just Like Joey's" Pizza.