De Luca Fine Foods offers some good old Port Colborne Hospitality

Today, De Luca Fine Foods played host to a family that is visiting relatives in Port Colborne, from Venezuela. The Schettino Goncalves family originates from Venezuela but their origins go back to Italy.

It was an immense pleasure to have them dine with us today and allow them to try some of the delicious Italian foods that reminded them of back home. They savoured everthing that the chefs put together for them and ended it all with some real espresso coffee. That is one thing that foreigners find different here in Canada. Back home, when coffee is offered it is in a demi tasse and a single shot most of the time. They are not used to the small, medium, large and extra-large portions served by some of the local coffee establishments.

They told us that our hospitality touched them deeply and that if we should ever visit Venezuela, they would appreciate the opportunity to repay us with their hospitality. Who knows, it could be time to go on a vacation. Lol.