How Its Made -  Meat & Cheese Lasagna 


Everything Starts With Only The Freshest Ingredients

You can only get out of a product what you put into it. Use the finest products available, and certainly you will create a savory gourmet item that will have your taste buds dancing la Rumba.

At De Luca Fine Foods, skimping on quality is something that we know nothing about. We constantly source out products that we know will make our line of Gourmet Italian Food, the most amazing available to our customers. An example of this is, bringing in tomato products from California where the Stanilaus name represents quality of the highest form. Domestic tomatoes would make producing our Premiere Lasagna a lot less expensive, but that is not what we are all about. We believe that produce the best you can, and people will know the difference.

Our lasagna is exclusive for two main reasons. The pasta is made in our own facility using Canadian Eggs, and Canadian milled flour. The pasta that we make is paper thin, and we put 12 layers in every 2.85kg lasagna. All those sheets of lasagna are topped with our 8 hour simmered sauce that only the hands of Master Sauce maker Danny De Luca can produce. Those two main items make what we are proud to call a De Luca Lasagna. If you have not tried our lasagna, it means you have not lived.

Save yourself a trip to Italy, and treat yourself locally. Try De Luca, we know you'll be impressed.